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AFA Mediated Extraction of High Molecular Weight DNA from Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells

High quality, high molecular weight DNA – Nextera, Nanopore & PacBio ready: 45 kb
• Fast processing: 96 well plate in 10 to 20 minutes
• Flexibility of cell input: 
(1x10^7 to 1x10^8) in 30
µl buffer 
​​​​​​• High reproducibility: %CV of 2 to 10%
​​​​​​• Setting up spores and gram-negative & gram-positive available upon request 

Are you interested in further developing this process for your own applications? Click below to contact Eugenio Daviso, Associate Director R&D. 
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Covaris Teams Up with Bioz
Covaris is proud to help further our corporate transparency and increase customer confidence by using Bioz Badges.  We have faith in the quality of our products and have the stars to prove it!

Follow link to learn more about Bioz badges and why we love them.
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New app notes

Affinity-based Enrichment Analyses of DNA Methylation MCIp, MeDIP, hMeDIP

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Chromatin Isolation by RNA Purification- ChIRP

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Technical Literature
Next Generation DX Presentation
Standardize Clinical Workflows for Both WGS and WES with Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustics®
Follow the link below to access the presentation from Next Generation Dx 2018. Learn more about our oneTUBE-10, a specially engineered polymer vessel designed to streamline NGS library preparation in a single  vessel. 
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Updated protocols
truCOLLECT™-plus - Stabilization and Transport Kit (10)

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truXTRAC® DNA Kit for truCOLLECT™-plus -
Magnetic Bead (10)

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truXTRAC® DNA Kit for truCOLLECT™-plus -
Column (10)

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Upcoming Events
BioProcess International Conference & Exhibition
September 4-7, 2018
Technology Innovation Forum: September 6, 2018

Join Carl Beckett, Vice President of Covaris, on September 6th as he participates in the BPI Technology Innovation Forum, focusing on Covaris’ new technology: Adaptive Focused Acoustics employs highly controlled bursts of focused high-frequency acoustic energy in a temperature-controlled and non-contact environment.

Click here to learn more about Carl’s presentation
Save an extra 10% to join Carl at this year’s BPI conference when you register with VIP code COVARIS 
EMBL: The Human Microbiome
September 16- September 19

Join this important AFA®  Data Presentation!

Date: 16 September 2018
Time: 15:30 – 15:45
Title: Cell wall lysis with Adaptive Focused Acoustics reveals hidden components of microbiome diversity
Speaker: Shurjo Sen – National Cancer Institute, United States of America


17th Human Proteome Organization World Congress (HUPO)
September 30- October 3

Visit Covaris at Booth #606

Poster Presentation, Abstract #487: Universal Sample Processing for Highly Reproducible Proteomic Sample Preparation of Diverse Sample Types

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